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XenoSys Lookscam

Jan-Erik Werry 2020.04.02

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I work at the Medical University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany, and my department (Maxillofacial Surgery) is interested in the acquisition of a XenoSys Lookscam to create Video Content of surgical procedures.

Would it be possible to send us an offer for this product or direct us to the closest salesperson?

Thank you for your time in advance!

Kind regards,

Dr. med. (MU Pécs) Jan-Erik Werry, c.m.d.


Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgische Klinik

Glückstr. 11

D-91054 Erlangen

Tel. +49 (0) 9131-85-43735


Answer [Answer date : 2020-04-03 08:11:07]

Dear Dr. Werry,

Thank you for your interst in our products.
I will relay your message to our German distributor so that he could reach you.

Here is his details and if not hear from him, you could send us email.
xenosys0@gmail.com - James Kang

Infinitas Medical GmbH

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  • · Sales Territory : Germany
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    T: +49-170-5214690 and +49-40-79754610 F: +49 (0) 228 62908978
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Thank you.