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Tajdit 2019.09.17


This is Dr. Tajdit. I am a thoracic surgeon from Bangladesh & currently i am staying at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital for training for 6 months. I have seen your products in this hospital, specially surgical telescopes. They are very good.

There is only very few company in Bangladesh selling surgical telescopes. I have a company there which sells different surgical products specially directly to the surgeons and hospitals. I know many surgeons in Bangladesh looking for good surgical telescopes and head camera. I would like to know about your products and looking for special dealership to sell the products in Bangladesh.

Furthermore i would personally want to buy a surgical telescopes for my personal use while i am in Korea. Would you please tell me how to get so.

Thanks a lot.
Answer [Answer date : 2019-09-18 08:34:28]

Dear Tajdit,

I will send you an email, in the meantime please send us your company profile to xenosys0@gmail.com.
Thank you.

James Kang