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Cooperation with the Ukrainian company

Eugene Krivov 2020.06.22


My name is Eugene Krivov. I'm from Ukraine. At the moment, our company is a reseller of several brands of dental loupes and lighting devices.

We are actively developing and launching a new project. We are launching our own production of TTL loupes for dentists. Now we are looking for a supplier of lenses and loupe barrels. We want to cooperate with your company.

We sell loupes for 3 years. At the moment, our sales volume is 70-80 units per year. Sales grow by 20-25% annually. Now in Ukraine this direction is very promising.

Under what conditions do you work with partners? I would really appreciate a detailed answer.

Best regards, Eugene.
Answer [Answer date : 2020-06-23 07:34:18]

Hello Eugene,

Please send us your company profile and marketing plan to us in below email.
Note that our company policy do not accept similar kind of products, so if you are dealing with currently other brands of loupes, you need to dedcide.

James Kang
Overseas Sales Manager