Experience a convergence of creativity
and technology where you control the tech and
determine the outcomes.




  • · Quality : Maintain the pride in quality
  • · Service : Provide fast and accurate service
  • · Clean : Practice clean and fair management
  • · Value : Create futuristic values


  • · A little deviance from normality changes the quality of life
  • · Today is the result of yesterday and the cause of tomorrow
  • · Problem and solution co-exist
  • Based on ISO14001 Environment Management System, which
    established upon 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), all employees are to
    understand and follow the contents from environment manual

Environmental Principle

  • · We will add environment to part of the education system for everyindividual to become the leader of the 21st century by continuously practicing the following principles
  • · Developing environment friendly manufacturing technology
  • · PAll employees' involvement in environment preservation
  • · ISO14001 Environment Management